If you have considered becoming a probation officer I am sure you have a lot of questions. Running through your mind are probably questions like what type of education do I need, what kind of work environment will I be in or how much is a probation officer salary. This article will look at these important questions you may have about getting started in this exciting career field.

Probation Officer Salary Information:

The probation officer salary range for this field can be as little as $30,000 a year all the way up to $52,000 annually. Another source estimated the salary in Texas starting out in the mid thirty thousand range up to about $50,000. Of course how much you will make will depend on how much experience you have. If you are just getting started you can expect a probation officer salary in the lower range. On the other hand if you have some experience there is no reason to think you will not be in the upper salary range.

Probation Officer Education Requirements:

Holding a bachelors degree is normally what you need to be considered for a job as a probation officer. Degree programs such as criminal justice is strongly advised. Courses in psychology and sociology are recommended if you are considering working with offenders on a one to one basis.

Probation Officer Work Environment:

Probation officers generally work with criminals, some of which may be considered dangerous. They will often interact with these individuals as well as their family members. Some of these people will be difficult and hard to deal with. You may also be expected to work in areas where the crime rate is higher than normal or in an institution where there is a real possibility of danger and violence.
By performing your duties as an officer you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference in a persons life. This can be a very satisfying career choice if helping people is what you want to do with your life.

You also need to consider that not everyone you come into contact with is going to accept your help. So you should keep that in mind when deciding something as important as a career choice.

Hopefully this article will give you a better idea if this is the career choice for you. There is plenty of danger involved, so this career is not for everyone. On the other hand if this does not frighten you off and the probation officer salary is enough to meet your needs this could be an excellent choice.

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